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5 Spine Health Tips for Back to School

It’s back to school time again. Whether back in person, virtually, or a combination, here are some pointers for keeping a healthy spine when school’s in session.

spine health tips for back to school


If you or your child is using a backpack to carry their books, there are some things you should keep in mind. If the backpack is heavy or is being carried for long periods of time you might want to reconsider. Is there anything that can be removed from the backpack, particularly heavier items? Is there an alternative bag style, perhaps a backpack with wheels? Read more in our article about backpacks and your back.

Desk Posture

If studying involves long periods of time at a desk it’s important to remember good posture. Take a look at your workstation and try to make it more ergonomic. Your monitor or screen should be at eye level to avoid keeping your neck bent forward for long periods of time. Sit upright. Use an ergonomic chair or padding behind your lower back for lumbar support. Read more in our article: 5 Tips for Maintaining Good Desk Posture.

Which is the Best Chair?

These days there are so many different types of chairs too choose from. Between typical desk chairs, ergonomic chairs, dynamic chairs, kneeling chairs, and saddle chairs there’s bound to be one that is most comfortable for you. Find a place to test the different styles and choose the one There feels most comfortable and helps you maintain proper posture. Or read our article on: The Best Chairs for Neck and Back Pain.

Be Aware of Technology

Tech neck also called text neck or forward head position is a relatively new condition that has been emerging as we spend more time on our devices. By looking down at our phone, tablet, or laptop for hours on end we’re creating a problem in our neck. X-rays have shown that individuals are actually altering the natural curvature of the spine with extended time periods of poor posture. What You Need to Know About Text Neck Syndrome

Working from Home

Not everyone is heading back to school in person. If you or a loved one will be working or studying from home this year we’ve put together a list of tips to help you specifically. By setting up a proper workstation that is ergonomic, being aware of your posture, taking frequent breaks, and remembering to spend some time being active, you can help ward off spine problems. Read more about tips to avoid neck pain working from home.

Have a good year!

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