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Dr. Keshmiri Testimonials

April 2017
Dr. Keshmiri,

I would like to thank you for the great care after my operation. I wasn’t the best patient the first couple of weeks. I tried to do the things I was used to doing, which didn’t work out so good. Once I took it easy and did what I was told to do, everything turned out just fine.

Dr. Keshmiri is a great surgeon and a great doctor who really listens and cares. I would recommend him to anyone.

~Ruth C. , Colchester NY


Dr. Keshmiri,

Thank you so much for all of the kindness, care, and support you showed me before, during, and after my surgery.

I certainly wouldn’t be walking today if it weren’t for you. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to be there for me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

~Megan T.


I was having severe pain, and it was greatly impacting my life, both personally and professionally. I was referred to Dr. Keshmiri, and he was able to explain what my problems were and how they could be corrected, either with or without surgery.

I opted for surgery, and it was the best decision that I could have made. I’ve been pain-free ever since, and I can’t say enough about how smoothly everything went, from dealing with his staff, through the surgery and recovery. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Keshmiri and his staff at Saratoga Spine to anyone needlessly suffering from pain.

~Mark L.


Doctor Keshmiri helped me recover from debilitating pain without  surgery. From the first month through the fifth month of pain in my back and left arm, caused by pinching of nerves in my upper vertebrae, he insisted I continue to work with my chiropractor and pain management MD.

He made it c lear that I was a candidate for surgery, but was very honest and clear about possible outcomes, most of which were likely positive , but surgery always comes with risk. His confidence in the other members  of my team heightened my faith in them as I was getting discouraged.

At the end of the fifth  month,  my pain miraculously  disappeared. I can’t express enough gratitude  that Doctor Keshmiri was not eager to operate on me and encouraged trust and confidence in my team. He could have told me it was time to operate and earned a large fee. I was in his hands and would have followed  any advice he gave.

~Jeff A.


Richard-ConnersAugust 4th, 2016
Dear Dr. Keshmiri,

Just a note of thanks for the excellent fusion operation you performed on my back and to let you know that l have been able to get back to archery competitions this past weekend. 1 competed in New Hampshire with a win and this puts me on the qualified list to shoot in the Nationals next year in Birmingham, AL.

The operation was on Apr. 8th and with the help of Local Motion PT, the back is doing well and I am able to pretty much do everything with little help from others.  l do exercise caution when lifting heavy objects but that will always be the case for a 76 year old.

It just feels great to be pain free and know that I had the best pair of gifted hands working on me. I am on schedule with the mends and appreciate all that ha.s happened these past 3 months!!

~Richard C.


After two years of back pain that just would not give up I submitted to surgery as the best option. I can tell you that it was the best decision I ever made, and only wished I had the courage to do it sooner now.

Truly I want to say thank you to the staffs of Dr. Keshmiri and Saratoga Hospital for outstanding care and compassion that was given to me during this challenging time. Their care and thoroughness in every area allowed for my surgery and recovery in a way I never thought possible again.

I have freedom to enjoy life again. Thank you ALL for outstanding service in every area, including your care for my wife through this process too. We both are forever grateful.

~Tom H.


Robert Gilchrist

Me fishing with a friend on Lake George 6 weeks after surgery. I’m on the left (without the fins).

Late May of 2014, my wife noticed a notice in the local paper regarding a Dr. Keshmiri who was going to give an informational talk regarding modern back surgery procedures.

I had just been told by three doctors, (a pain specialist, my GP and my surgeon) that my two previous surgeries were not successful and I had very few recourses left to me so as not to be in constant pain. One suggestion was to have a neural stimulator inserted. The second possibility involved extraordinarily high doses of hydrocodone. Neither were an option for me as I researched the stimulator and it had less than stellar reviews. Eight hydrocodone a day made me a zombie still in pain!

When the notice in the paper indicated new and modern procedures were to be discussed by Dr. Keshmiri, we made a reservation.

During the presentation and in a brief chat afterward, Dr. Keshmiri assured me that there were alternative procedures that may very well show promise for me. It was agreed that I’d make an appointment.

When Dr. Keshmiri had reviewed my MRIs and all the myriads of tests administered to me over the years, he assured me that he had performed procedures that had been successful in situations such as mine. In a very confident and patient manner Dr. Keshmiri took the time to explain what the options were, how they would be done and what devices would be used. I left the meeting knowing that I had an exceptional surgeon who would do his best to have me in less pain and with hope for a better future.

Within two weeks of my first appointment I was scheduled to be admitted to Saratoga Hospital on June 20th 2014. I had assumed I knew the drill because I’d had two previous major surgeries. But, once under Dr. Keshmiri’s care I discovered the agenda was completely unfamiliar to me and had only slight resemblance to my previous experiences.

My first indication was an introductory meeting at Saratoga Hospital that was to be attended to discuss my concerns, what my expectations were, a tour of the facility and a meeting with the staff that would be responsible for my care and recovery. This was all done in a group class situation, along with other patients also scheduled for an operation in the near future. It was a very beneficial introduction to Saratoga Hospital and its staff. I was well prepared and knew exactly what to expect and entered the hospital with all my questions and concerns addressed.

Besides the meeting, Dr. Keshmiri had prescribed an assortment of pre op tests. (X–rays, an MRI , EKG’s and blood tests.} In conversation with a PA while having one of these tests, he mentioned that Dr. Keshmiri was the most prepared and thorough surgeon he had ever seen. That anecdote was only one of many I would hear as I had my blood drawn or detailed X-rays taken. Every professional I talked to had nothing but the highest regard for Dr. Keshmiri and willingly conveyed this to me as they were working.

As the old adage when dealing with carpentry goes –“Measure twice, Cut once.” In Dr. Keshmiri’s case it was measure many, many times and then do the one cut. I was completely assured my surgeon was going to be extremely well prepared and there would be no surprises.

My operation lasted 5 and ½ hours and I stayed in the hospital for four days. Two days in the ICU. Each day Dr. Keshmiri or his colleague, Dr. Herzog, spent time with me and checked to see how I was progressing. They always had time for my questions and concerns. As I had been informed in my pre-op meeting, everything was going well and there were no surprises. No surprises, except in the remarkable care I’d be given after the operation.

I made a remarkably fast recovery and was walking independently by my 6th day home.

There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Keshmiri’s surgical expertise and knowledge changed my life and I write that with no hyperbole. By August of 2014 I was chain sawing trees and splitting wood. This past winter I walked on an ice fishing trip with a walk of two miles nonstop on Schroon Lake. I saw my nephew on the 4th and we’re planning a hike up Shelving Rock Mountain in the very near future. My life has returned to my days when surgery and severe spinal stenosis, herniated disks and hydrocodone were not even thought of. I credit this all to Dr. Keshmiri and I tell him repeatedly how I can’t thank him enough. He is the BEST!

˜Rob G. BA, MS
age 70 at this writing, Surgery age 69 and 2 months.


Kim-DenbestenFor six months I had been in constant pain. There was pain in my lower back, in my joints and down my legs. It just seemed to get worse and worse.

When I went to see Dr. Keshmiri he tried many different approaches before surgery. ‘It’s not about going in there and cutting you open,’ he said to me. But then the pain started to become unbearable, and it was time.

As soon as I woke up from the operation, I knew it had been a success. And it certainly was. Today, I’m able to ski, do yard work, and, really, do everything I used to do before all the pain started. It’s a miracle.

˜Kim D., Porters Corners, NY


Scott-GonyeaA grateful Thank You to DR. Keshmiri for all he has done to improve my quality of life. I have a long 26 year history of spinal issues and was sent to Dr.Kashmiri about three years ago and couldn’t be more pleased.

He is very patient, never makes me feel rushed,and actually listens and hears what I am saying. During exam he is very thorough and insightful of my conditions and what the best plan would be as noninvasively as possibly for the best solution.

I recently had pretty major surgery and everything Dr. Keshmiri set out to make better, he did. The issues I had going in I did not have coming out. What a relief! Now I’m looking forward to even more improvement as I continue my process of healing.

Myself and my wife feel we would never be able to find as intelligent and caring doctor as Dr. Keshmiri and his staff. With that said I have many physicians and he certainly stands top of the list with my family.

˜Scott G.


I have driven well over an hour or more in search of a surgeon to operate on my back, only to find Dr. Keshmiri right in my own back yard.
When I first met Dr. Keshmiri he was very calming and did not offer surgery as the first option. He wanted me to explore other avenues such as physical therapy, chiropractic, and exercise. When all of that failed it seemed imminent that I needed surgery.

Dr. Keshmiri discussed the surgery and what to expect and answered all my questions. Surgery went well and I am so grateful I found him. He always makes me feel as though I am his priority.

˜Meighan S.


For two to three years I experienced pain in both buttocks and upper legs. Finally, in late 2012, I could not lead a normal life. I went through massage therapy, physical therapy and pain shots in my spine. I was said to have spinal stenosis. After many different x-rays, MRI’s and nerve testing, it was decided that I needed back surgery. I consulted with Armin Afsar-Keshmiri, MD from Saratoga Spine. He did all he could to heal me without surgery. In January 2013, I had a spinal fusion, among other spinal corrections. In May 2013, I was playing golf with little pain. In July 2013, my back and legs were totally pain free. My treatment from Dr. Armin Afsar-Keshmiri was top notch. I was never treated like a number. I received very personal treatment. I could not be more pleased.
˜ E.F.


Kudos to Saratoga Spine! So glad to have been referred there and restored to optimum health. My gratitude to Dr. Keshmiri and staff at Saratoga Spine!
˜ E.C.


We can’t thank you enough for the care and your expertise in spine and disc problems. We were lucky to be referred to you. The pain I had was so bad. I was very anxious when I saw “Surgeon” on you door. Your calm manner and conservative approach were very reassuring to me; as was your flexibility to see me three times in two weeks!
˜ B.S.


Thank you so much for all your help. I won’t forget your kindness and patience. I was lucky to have you as my surgeon!
˜ J.Y.

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