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In this article we’ll explore menopause and back pain…and if they’re related. In other words, are women more susceptible to back pain during and after menopause? Menopause and Lower Back Pain Several studies have confirmed that women suffer from more joint and spine pain during the perimenopause and menopause stages of their life. What is […]

More Snow? Oh No, My Aching Back!

January 15th, 2021 Posted in Safety Tips

Well, we had quite a snowstorm here in Upstate New York recently. Mother nature dropped about 3 feet of snow on us in a short period of time. That left many of us trying to snowblow or dig ourselves out. Or, for some, it was a great reason to hit the slopes! There are many […]

Are you frustrated that your back pain is back? Does it seem like you’re more prone to chronic back pain than others? Well, you could be. Chronic Back Pain What do we mean by chronic back pain? Back pain can mean different things to different people. For example, middle back pain is different than lower […]

When we think of spine conditions (ruptured discs, sciatica, pinched nerve in the neck, etc) we often think of the physical pain and discomfort. However, there is also a mental component to these conditions which is sometimes overlooked. Spine Conditions There are many problems that can arise in and around the spine. Degenerative conditions, physical […]

Living with Scoliosis

December 18th, 2020 Posted in Spine Condition

A scoliosis diagnosis can be scary. But living with scoliosis doesn’t have to be. What is Scoliosis? Human spines curve naturally toward the front and back of the body. However, is should not curve toward the left or right side of the body. If you look at a person’s back and had x-ray vision you […]

Disc Replacement vs Fusion

December 11th, 2020 Posted in Treatments

Surgery is only recommended for about 15% of the patients we treat at Saratoga Spine. When it is needed, there are several different methods we use to help our patients. When treating herniated discs or degenerative disc disease surgically, we may choose a disc fusion or disc replacement. In this article we’ll take a look […]

Is your upper back pain spine or muscle pain? Turns out, the answer’s not always straight forward. In this article we’ll look at the two types of pain and how they may be related. For the purposes of this article we’ll examine neck pain and muscle pain in the upper back and arms. Upper Back […]

Spinal cord injuries can have a devastating impact on your life. Michelle Konkoly knows all about just how life changing a spinal cord injury can be. But, her determination and perseverance is proof that suffering a spinal cord injury doesn’t mean you have to stop living. The Accident and A Devastating Spinal Cord Injury Michelle […]

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