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In the video below, Dr. Herzog discusses potential problems after spinal surgery. Read the full transcript below, or view more educational videos from Saratoga Spine. Problems After Surgery – Get a 2nd Opinion If you’ve had spinal surgery or have new or persistent problems, we may be able to identify a mechanical cause. Sometimes, problems […]

Cervical Spondylosis

April 4th, 2022 Posted in Spine Condition

What is cervical spondylosis? The term cervical spondylosis is sometimes used interchangeably with arthritis of the neck. But what does that really mean? Neck Anatomy Inside the neck is the uppermost portion of the spine. The portion is called the “cervical” section of the spine. Therefore, when we hear a term like “cervical spondylosis” we […]

The L5-S1 Lumbosacral Joint

March 25th, 2022 Posted in Back Pain

If you didn’t read last week’s blog post, take 5 minutes and read it now. We’ll wait. Then, once you’re an expert on the naming convention for the bones of the spine, come back here to learn about this critical part of the spine, the L5/S1 lumbosacral joint. Where Is L5-S1? If you cheated and […]

Our spine is made up of individual bones called vertebrae. Each vertebra is identified by a letter and number combination. But what do they mean? What does the Letter in the Vertebra Name Mean? The letter indicates in which section of the spine the bone can be found. C stands for the cervical section, from […]

 Dr. Keshmiri talks about Disc Herniation and When It Can Become an Emergency (Transcript Below) When is Cervical Disc Herniation an Emergency? Patients who present to the office with disc herniations in their neck typically have severe pain that radiates down their arm so they have numbness and tingling. Occasionally they can have some […]

If you read articles on the Saratoga Spine blog, you’ll notice we often discuss different conditions that cause neck or back pain and how they’re treated. However, how do the doctors know which treatment is best? Or which condition each patient has? In other words, how is neck or back pain diagnosed? Office Visit Exams […]

Did you know that 85% of our patients do not require surgery? Many patients evaluated by one of our spine specialists believe that surgery is the only answer to correct their spinal or cervical issue. Worse yet, some people shy away from a doctor’s visit entirely for fear of a surgical recommendation. However, most of […]

5 Ways To Be Good To Your Spine

February 11th, 2022 Posted in Safety Tips

A healthy spine is a happy spine (and hopefully, pain-free spine). Here are five ways to keep a healthy spine. 5 Paths to a Healthy Spine 1. Watch Your Posture One of the major functions of our spine is to help support the body. However, if we practice poor posture, we can aggravate the tissues […]

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