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[Video] Foot Drop: An Introduction by Dr. Keshmiri

Foot Drop – An Introduction with Dr. Keshmiri of Saratoga Spine
Transcript Below

What is Foot Drop?

Foot drop is a condition that describes weakness in the muscles that control your ability to bring your foot upward. It’s important in the sense that if there is weakness, it can cause tripping over your foot. Oftentimes patients describe that when they walk for a long period they feel their foot is slapping.

Causes of Foot Drop

There are many causes for foot drop. This can include neurologic disorders, patients who have neuropathies from diabetes, one of the more common reasons is a pinched nerve in the low back, typically at the L4/L5 level.


The weakness can vary in degree and can sometimes be present with or without pain.

Potential Treatment Option

If patients come to the office and they have significant weakness that is acute, and they have a confirmed pinched nerve in their back, then surgical treatment early on may provide the best long term outcome.

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