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5 Tips for Handling Holiday Packages Without Hurting Your Back

The holidays are upon us. And, with the holidays, comes carrying shopping bags, lifting delivery boxes and delivering gifts to others’ homes. Here are some tips for handling your holiday packages without hurting your back.

tips for handling holiday packages without hurting your back

Carry Less and Make More Trips

We get it. We all want to get inside out of the cold New York winter air. But, carrying too much at once can put us at risk for getting hurt.

If the packages are heavy you can risk straining your back. Carrying too much can also make you more prone to losing your balance, especially with snow and ice on the ground. One wrong twist and your back could be hurting for weeks.

So, if you have a lot to carry from the car to the house, you’re better off carrying less and making a few extra trips.

Take a Shopping Break to Drop Your Holiday Packages Off in the Car

Heading to the mall? If you’re there for the day, you could end up carrying a lot of bags around. Do yourself (and your back) a favor. Take a break mid-day to drop off your purchases in the car. You’ll also get some fresh air and enjoy the rest of the day without lugging all those big shopping bags around.

Heavy Box? Remember Proper Lifting Techniques

We’ve all probably heard the saying by now. “Lift with your knees.”  This is especially true for heavy items. So, if you just got a heavy item delivered remember to squat down, grab the item and lift by standing up. Let your legs do the work, not your spine! Even better, get a second person to help you bring the item inside.

Use A Proper Work Surface for Wrapping Holiday Gifts

After all the gifts are purchased and lugged inside from the car or front porch they need to be wrapped. Wrapping can also be a pain in the back. To minimize back pain make set yourself up with a proper work area. Working at a standing table is ideal. If that’s not possible, set yourself up with plenty of room on a table. Sit centered at the table and place your scissors, tape, etc all within reach. The less twisting and stretching you have to do the better for your back.

Take Breaks

As with anything you do, be conscious of the stress you’re putting on your spine. Don’t stay in one position too long. If you’re sitting at the wrapping table, take a break and go get some water. Are you walking around the mall with shopping bags? Sit down and grab a snack. Your body and spine need a rest.

And, finally, take some time to enjoy the holidays and this special season.


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