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How To Relieve SI Joint Pain

What is the SI Joint?

Sacroiliac joints, also known as SI joints, are at the very base of the spine. There is one SI joint on either side of the body, where the spine meets the hip bone. Ligaments of this joint help hold the spine to the pelvis. In this way, the pelvis helps the spine to support the weight of the body.

how to relieve si joint pain

What Causes SI Joint Pain?

SI joint pain is a phrase used to describe pain in the SI joint region. This is typically caused by inflammation, or sacroiliitis, from irregular movement or irritation of the joint. An accident, condition, or even aging, can be enough to cause irritation and pain.

How to Relieve SI Joint Pain?

Initial treatments for SI joint pain may include anti-inflammatory medication, ice or heat therapy, rest, or physical therapy.

If initial treatment methods fail to resolve the pain, or the pain worsens, the doctor may recommend an SI joint injection. An SI joint injection is a simple procedure in which the doctor injects anti-inflammatory medication and/or anesthetic directly into the joint to help ease inflammation and pain.

In most cases these conservative treatment methods are enough to relieve SI joint pain. In some, more severe, cases, surgery may be necessary to correct or stabilize the joint.

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