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[Video] Dr. Herzog Discusses Problems After Surgery

In the video below, Dr. Herzog discusses potential problems after spinal surgery. Read the full transcript below, or view more educational videos from Saratoga Spine.

Problems After Surgery – Get a 2nd Opinion

If you’ve had spinal surgery or have new or persistent problems, we may be able to identify a mechanical cause. Sometimes, problems after surgery are self-limiting and improve on their own with time or physical therapy. However, patients with persistent problems or severe pain or weakness should be evaluated. There are treatable conditions from mechanical causes such as residual nerve compression, pseudo-arthrosis, instability, or malalignment.

Residual Nerve Compression

Patients may have undergone surgery to decompress pinched nerves, but significant compression is still present at the operative site or other locations in the spine.


Pseudo-arthrosis is a condition that occurs after a spinal fusion in some patients. It is the result of inadequate bone healing, or welding, across the fusion site. Biologic, patient specific factors may be present, such as diabetes, nicotine use, or other factors, that could predispose the patient to this condition.


Malalignment refers to an imbalance where the spine may not be straight enough such as severe scoliosis or could result from a condition called kyphosis where patients are pitched forward after prior surgery.

These conditions can be terribly painful but can be treated.

In summary, patients who have had prior surgery and have difficulties post-operatively, deserve a thorough workup to identify potential mechanical causes that are treatable.

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