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Exercises to Avoid With Back Pain

Exercise is a common element in back pain treatment plans. However, not all exercise is appropriate if you have a spinal condition. Here are some exercises to avoid with back pain.


Situps can be a great way to strengthn your core but can put pressure on the discs in the spine. This pressure can worsen your condition if you already experience back pain. Instead, try doing crunches. They still provide a good core workout without adding unnecessary stress on your back.

exercises to avoid with back pain


High impact activities like running can add stress to your spine and exacerbate your condition. Walking is a great alternative. Or, try working out on an eliptical to reduce the stress on your joints.

Weight Lifting

Weight lifting can be bad for a spine condition. Holding weights above your head or on your shoulders is especially stressful on the spine as it puts pressure on all the inter-vertebral discs. Some forms of weight lifting are good exercise without putting extra stress on your spine. However, it depends on your physical ability, condition, and the form of weight lifting you choose. If you want to weight lift, it’s best to consult a doctor first.

Other Exercises to Avoid With Back Pain…

…Any Exercise That Makes Your Back Pain Worse

If your back pain worsens when doing an exercise or activity, you could be further damaging the tissue around your spine and aggravate your condition. In this case you should stop this activity and consult your doctor about continuing.

What Exercises Can You Do With Back Pain?

Exercise can be an important part of recovering from back pain or maintaining a healthy spine. Some helpful exercises include walking, swimming, stretching, and pilates.

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