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5 Ways to Prevent Sports Injuries

What are the best ways to prevent sports injuries? Classes at New York schools have begun again. That means it’s time for a new season of sports for your child or a new adult league for yourself. So, before you get back out there, read about 5 ways you can help prevent getting injured while playing sports. Have fun!

5 ways to prevent sport injuries

Help Prevent Sports Injuries with These Tips

1. Strengthen Your Muscles

Strength training has been shown to reduce the frequency of sports injuries. Building up your muscles and increasing your overall strength allows you to reduce some of the stresses on your joints and other soft tissues. In addition, studies have shown that overuse injuries can be significantly reduced with proper strength training.

Note: An overuse injury is an injury that is caused by a repetitive motion. A good example of an overuse injury is tennis elbow, the condition tennis players can develop after swinging their racket in a similar motion repeatedly.

2. Stretch Regularly

Increasing flexibility can help you avoid a sports injury. When you stretch you’re lengthening your muscles and ligaments. This helps them be more flexible.

Say you’re playing your favorite sport and you need to quickly reach out as far as you can. If you don’t stretch as part of your regular workouts, then tighter soft tissues are more prone to tearing with this motion.

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3. Wear Protective Gear

Safety gear is designed to protect athletes from injury. Wearing the appropriate gear can help prevent both minor and severe injuries.

For example, would you get into a race car or go play tackle football without a proper helmet? Of course not. For the same reason you should always wear a helmet when skiing and shin guards when playing soccer. Always wear the appropriate protective gear for the sport you’re playing.

4. Don’t Play if You’re Injured

If you have an injury take time to let it heal. Continuing to play when you have an injury can cause more damage and an even worse injury.

5. Don’t Overdo It

Long hours of sports training can lead to overuse injuries. Make sure you’re not training too long without taking a break. Pushing your body too hard can lead to injuries.

If you’ve taken time off from sports you shouldn’t just jump right back in at your old training levels. Your body isn’t used to it. Your muscles aren’t as strong as they used to be and your ligaments are tighter. Both conditions make you more prone to injury unless you take time to stretch and build your muscles back up.

Remember, have fun, but play smart.



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