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Natural Pain Killers

When you’re dealing with head or neck pain part of the treatment plan usually involves lessening the pain while the area heals. There are over the counter and prescription medications for this purpose, but what about natural pain killers? Here are some ways to reduce the pain, naturally.

Get Some Support, Mentally

natural pain killers - mental health for painDealing with pain can be draining, emotionally. Dealing with chronic pain can sometimes even lead to depression. Having emotional support or leaning on a friend/family member, can help. Sometimes just talking about what you’re going through can help release some of the load off your mind. And, while you’re talking with a friend, you can also….

…Go For A Walk

Exercise can help loosen soft tissues, strengthen muscles, and release endorphins, all of which can help reduce pain. While you may think an exercise program is too much, going for a short walk can also be very beneficial. Do as much as you (and your doctor) feel comfortable with. Just try to get out and get moving a little. And, while you’re out there, you’ll also….

…Get Some Vitamin D

Don’t you always feel better when you’re in the sun? I know I do. Upstate New York is beautiful but gray days can certainly bring you down. When the sun is out, take advantage of it. Get outside, and soak up some rays. Along with the warmth, sunshine helps boost your body’s vitamin D levels, which has been shown to reduce chronic pain.

Try an Ice Pack, Or Heating Pad

Hot and/or cold therapy can help ease pain caused by spinal problems. Some find relief with ice, some with heat, and some like to alternate between the two. If you’re wondering which to try, read a bit more and consult your doctor. (Should I Use Ice or Heat for a Stiff Neck?) But cold/heat can be another way to get some pain relief without medications.

Get a Massage

Massage therapy provides a way to relax, but can also have pain relieving effects. The various modalities can provide different benefits, depending on your situation. Talk to your doctor, and massage therapist, about what’s right for you. And while you’re there, ask about…

…Essential Oils

Essential oils are oils derived from plants. They have been long used for healing effects. Not all essential oils are the same, and they each are said to have different benefits. Talk to your doctor, or a trained massage therapist. They may be able to recommend an essential oil for you, and use it during your massage!


Whether it’s a way to improve your mood, or a way to loosen your soft tissues, there are plenty of natural pain killers which you can try to help ease your back or neck pain. Which ones have you tried?


Reference: spine-health.com

*Please Note: Information on this site or any recommended sites should not be used as a diagnosis or a substitute for talking with your doctor. Always talk with your doctor about diagnosis and treatment information.
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