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Is My Groin Pain Coming from My Back?

If you have groin pain you may not have associated it with a problem in your back. But, there are several ways spine problems can result in groin pain.

Are Back Problems Causing My Groin Pain?

What Back Problems Can Result in Groin Pain?

Herniated Disc

The spinal column helps support the body but also protects a lot of nerves that travel from the brain to the rest of the body. Some of these nerves go to the groin.

If a herniated disk presses on any of the nerves that lead to the groin, the individual may feel pain in the groin as a result of a disc problem in their back.1 In fact, in this study, Oikawa, et al confirmed the source of some individuals’ groin pain as being in the back, even though they felt no back pain!

SI Joint Problems

The sacroiliac joints connect the spine to the pelvis on the left and right side of the body. Stiffening in the ligaments, misalignment or cartilage breakdown can all cause pain in the SI joints. This pain may be felt in the SI joints , which are located in the lower back, or may radiate down to the groin or upper thigh.2

Referred Pain

Any other number of spine problems may result in low back pain with referred pain in the groin.3 Referred pain is when the brain interprets pain in one part of the body when it actually comes from another part. One example of referred pain is the pain that radiates down the left arm when someone is having a heart attack. Issues in the lower portion of the spinal column can refer pain to the groin and legs in the same manner.

How Do I Know if My Groin Pain is Related to Back Problems?

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to identify if groin pain is a result of issues with the back and spine. Your doctor can determine if your back is causing your groin pain through careful analysis of your symptoms, physical exams and test results. If you have groin pain and suspect your spine may be to blame, schedule an appointment at Saratoga Spine today.


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