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Exercises for Neck Pain You Can Do At Home

Do you suffer from neck pain? If you were involved in an accident or had neck trauma you should see a doctor for your neck pain. But, if you’ve got a stiff neck or a pinched nerve, there are exercises for neck pain that you can do at home. Try a few of these. But, stop if any of these exercises make the pain worse.

exercises for neck pain

Neck Retraction

Our lifestyles have changed over the years. These days, most of us spend a lot of time with our heads down looking at a phone or laptop. This poor posture has many names, text neck, tech neck, forward head posture, or forward head position.

Neck retraction is a stretch which can help reverse the effects of forward head position. This exercise can be done standing up or lying flat on your back.

Stand up straight or lay down flat on your back. Then pull your chin toward the back of your body. This may feel strange.  If it’s difficult to do, use your hand to gently push your neck back. You will feel the back of your neck stretch. The front of your neck may feel crowded, this is okay. Hold this position for a few seconds, then release. Repeat 8-10 times.

Neck Rotation Exercise

This exercise for neck pain builds on the neck retraction above. Stand up straight with your shoulders back and head directly above your shoulders and body. Pull your chin toward the back of your body, then slowly turn your head toward one side. Hold the stretch, then bring your chin back to center and relax. Repeat, this time moving your head toward the other side of your body. Repeat the stretch 5 times.

Practice Good Posture

This may not sound like an exercise at first, but practicing good posture is key in avoiding unnecessary strain on your spine. Whether sitting or standing, make sure your back is upright, shoulders are back and head is positioned over your shoulders. Again, avoiding this forward head position helps minimize unnecessary stress on your neck. Make a point to think about your posture, and correct it, periodically throughout the day. The more you practice this “exercise” the more good posture will become habit.

More Exercises for Neck Pain

After doing these exercises for neck pain you may find your pain subsiding. Then, you can start to do some neck strengthening exercises. We’ll talk about those next week on the blog.




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