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[Video] Neck Pain with Dr. Herzog

Neck Pain, with Dr. Herzog
See video transcript, below.

Neck Pain

Most patients who present with neck pain have short-lived symptoms. There may be an overuse component, especially in modern times with people working on computers for long hours, or using their phone, or texting. They’re typically overuse injuries thought to be related to muscle strain.

Can Neck Pain Be Serious?

There can be more serious problems in the neck. These problems would typically would give patients lasting symptoms of a longer duration. We get concerned about patients who have symptoms that last more than 6 to 12 weeks that are severe where patients may have radiating arm pain. They may also have some imbalance. These are warning signs that the patient may have underlying neurologic problems. Patients with fevers, chills, night sweats, should see their physician.

Treatment for Neck Pain

Most patients who have neck pain, a few days of rest, some anti inflammatories, in time, will fix their problem.  One should consider if their symptoms are recurrent, what are the preoperative risk factors. Commonly patients could make some adjustments at work, adjust the height of their computer monitor, their desk, and these small adjustments can have a big effect on their pain. The vast majority of patients who have neck pain will have transient symptoms. Ninety percent of patients with neck pain will get better non operatively.

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