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Simon Cowell and His Back Breaking Story

When you think about back breaking sports injuries some very physical sports come to mind.  But bicycling? Biking can also be a back breaker. Add the speed and power of an electric bike and an accident can be severe. Just ask Simon Cowell.

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Recovering from a Broken Back

In early August 2020 Simon Cowell had an accident while testing out his new electric bike outside his home in Malibu, Florida. In a recent interview about the event, Cowell reported that he “nearly smashed his spine to pieces”.

During a five-hour surgery, doctors performed several fusions and put a metal rod in his back. Cowell described the pain in the weeks after the accident as being “off the charts” and explained the feeling of helplessness, not being able to move.

But, with assistance from the medical staff, support from his loved ones, and a positive attitude, he was able to recover. Cowell said the recovery exercises actually helped him become stronger than he was before the accident.

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The Benefit of Exercise

Accident victims and people who’ve gone through surgery aren’t the only ones to benefit from exercise. Exercise can help you recover from back pain or, prevent back pain by helping to maintain a healthy spine. It does this by increasing your muscle strength. Stronger muscles reduce some of the weight bearing load on your spine. Your spine has to do less work to support your body’s weight and is less apt to become injured.

So, what are some of the exercises you can do to keep your spine healthy? One of the greatest is walking. Start out walking whatever distance is comfortable for you. The more often you walk, the more you’ll find that you can walk farther and farther. In addition, your heart and muscles will grow stronger and healthier.

If you’d like to check out more exercises that are good for the spine, take a look at these spine exercises. Or, browse the many exercise articles on our blog.




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