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Is Back Pain More Likely to Occur as We Get Older?

older adult back painYes and no. The fact is, back pain is one of our most common health problems. It’s estimated that around 30 million people suffer from this issue. It’s the top reason why people of all ages miss work.

However, spine issues can develop and worsen as we get older, due to degenerative changes in our discs and joints caused by a lack of moisture and shock absorption. This makes it particularly important that we employ some strategies to prevent and minimize back problems as we age.

Stay Active

Being up and moving can make a tremendous difference when it comes to back pain. This is more significant than ever as we get older. Right at the time when many people think they need to slow down. But this doesn’t have to be aggressive physical activity. It might be as simple as taking daily walks around the neighborhood.

But what will prove most effective is some kind of regular program that includes stretching and mobility exercises, to maintain and improve your range of motion. For many, this goes against a belief that exercise will make back pain hurt more. In reality, it’s the lack of activity or doing a lot of sitting around, that is a leading cause of age-related back pain.

Yoga can sometimes be quite beneficial. Studies indicate that by taking part in this type of activity older people find their back pain decreases as their range of motion increases. Yoga will also help fix poor posture, improve balance, strengthen the core muscles and help in keeping a healthy weight. These are all keys to keeping an older back feeling as young as possible.

Eat Well

As we age it becomes more important than ever that we maintain a good diet. Women especially need to be mindful of getting enough calcium and vitamin D. In study after study, it’s been shown that maintaining a balanced diet with vegetables and fruit, with limited red meat, can lead to good health.

Take Care of the Whole You

As we age, we sometimes become more isolated. Without a support system, we may find it harder to accomplish regular exercise routines or changes in diet. You should try hard not to let this isolation happen to you. Enlist the support of family and friends. Together, you are more likely to avoid having back pain make your life overly difficult.

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