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3 Natural Pain Killers for Your Back or Neck Pain

There are several prescribed and over the counter pain killers available. But what if you prefer natural pain relief? Here are three pain killers you may want to consider for your neck or back pain.

3 natural pain killers for your back pain

Clove (Eugenol)

A topical analgesic is a substance placed on the skin to numb the area or reduce its sensitivity. The creams or patches designed to be put on your back to help reduce back pain are examples of topical analgesics.

Interestingly, a gel made from cloves has been shown to have the same effect as a common topical analgesic, benzocaine.

Cloves are the fragrant flower buds of trees native to the islands of Indonesia. Cloves are used throughout the world as a spice in preparing food. They are also smoked in some cigarettes and cigars. Their medicinal benefits have been studied but are not fully understood.

Oil extracted from cloves, eugenol, is sold as an essential oil. In additional to its pain-relieving properties, it is also an anti-inflammatory. As a result, clove oil is sometimes massaged in an area to help reduce pain. The National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy recommends diluting clove oil in a carrier oil at a 1-2% dilution ratio before using it as a massage oil.

It is important to note, however, that the US Food and Drug Administration doesn’t endorse the use of clove oil as a pain relieving drug.


What is capsaicin? It’s the chemical in hot peppers that give them their spicy flavor. Though the chemical may irritate our taste buds, it may help relieve pain when used on our skin.

Capsaicin creams, gels, and patches are used for relief from the pain of arthritis and muscle pains so are a candidate for pain relief associated with the spine. However, some individuals experience side effects such as redness, irritation, or burning in the area where the capsaicin is used.

Capsaicin is available as an over-the-counter cream or gel. If you choose to try capsaicin for your back or neck pain, you should try a small area first to ensure you don’t have any side effects. Then, make sure to use the product according to the directions or guidelines provided.


Most of us know that lavender is a plant with aromatic lavender flowers and is often used as a scent in candles and beauty products. However, the oil extracted from lavender has been studied for its relaxing, anti-anxiety, and pain relief properties.

The aroma of lavender is believed to relax individuals and relieve pain. Various studies have shown individuals to have these responses, but further work needs to be done to fully understand its benefits.

Lavender oil can be purchased as an essential oil and used as a massage oil or in a diffuser.

Most often people don’t experience any side effects when using essential oils for aromatherapy. However, it’s important to always follow the product’s guidelines and stop use immediately if you do notice any adverse reactions.


Natural Pain Killers for Your Back or Neck Pain

If you suffer from back or neck pain there are natural pain relief options available. While none of the options we mentioned are approved as pain relievers by the US Food and Drug Administration, they are available over the counter. If you decide to try any of these, or any pain remedy, it’s important to follow the instructions and stop use immediately if you notice any adverse reactions.





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