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Our spine is made up of individual bones called vertebrae. Each vertebra is identified by a letter and number combination. But what do they mean? What does the Letter in the Vertebra Name Mean? The letter indicates in which section of the spine the bone can be found. C stands for the cervical section, from […]

Read the video transcript below. Synovial Cyst with Dr. Armin Afsar-Keshmiri A synovial cyst refers to a fluid filled sac in the spine that is typically eminating from the facet joints. The facet joints are these small joints in the lumbar spine. They’re very similar to joints such as the hip and knee in that […]

Are Spine Conditions Hereditary?

January 16th, 2019 by Lauren

Is it just a coincidence that you and your mother both suffer from chronic back pain? Or does it just run the family? Let’s take a closer look to answer the question, are spine conditions hereditary? Are Spine Conditions Hereditary? The causes of different spine conditions vary so let’s take a look at some more […]

Sciatic Nerve and Sciatica Explained

August 5th, 2018 by Lauren

The sciatic nerve is the thickest and longest nerve in the human body. It may also be the most commonly known nerve as it can be a great source of pain for many people. Sciatic Nerve Anatomy You may remember from our series on Spinal Anatomy that one of the primary functions of the spine […]

In this series on the human spine anatomy we’ve been reviewing in detail each area of the spine. Vertebrae Anatomy Cervical Region Thoracic Region Lumbar Region Sacrum and Coccyx In the final part, we will take a look at the spine as a whole. Some of this information will be a review of the other […]

The areas of the sacrum and coccyx are the focus for this article on the spinal anatomy. In our series on the anatomy of the spine we started at the top, focusing on the cervical, thoracic and then lumbar region of the spine. Directly below the last lumbar vertebrae, L5, is the sacrum and coccyx. […]

Spine Anatomy Part 2 – Cervical Anatomy

June 18th, 2018 by Lauren

In the second part of our series on the anatomy of the spine we’ll look at the cervical anatomy. In part 1 we talked about vertebrae anatomy. Now that we have a basic understanding of the anatomy of each individual vertebrae we can start to take a look at how groups of vertebrae work together […]

Spine Anatomy Part 1 – Vertebrae Anatomy

June 11th, 2018 by Lauren

Understanding spine anatomy is critical in understanding the causes, symptoms and treatment options related to back pain (as well as some hip, shoulder and leg pain). The spine plays several critical roles in the body and is made up of dozens of components including bones called vertebrae. In this article we’ll examine the vertebrae anatomy […]

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