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How Your Shoe Choice Can Affect Your Back

November 25th, 2019 by Lauren

Some of the choices we make every day affect how our body feels. One example of this is our choice in footwear.  Believe it or not, your shoe choice can affect your back and any back pain you may experience. Let’s take a look at some shoes that can exacerbate your back pain and others […]

Are high heels bad for your back?

September 6th, 2017 by Lauren

Are high heels bad for your back? Do a quick google search and you’ll probably be convinced that the answer is yes. But, dig a little deeper to try and understand it more and you’ll find some studies that suggest wearing high heels may not have any effect on your back. This is part 3 […]

Your back and flip flops – do they make a good pair? It’s summer here in upstate New York and that means vacations, beaches and flip flops. But, are flip flops good for your back? What about flip flops and low back pain – are they related? Let’s take a closer look. In the first […]

What are the Best Shoes for Back Pain?

August 14th, 2017 by Lauren

What are the best shoes for back pain and how can the wrong shoes affect your back? In this three part series we’ll discuss how shoes can affect your back.  Stay tuned next week for part two. Part 1: What are the best shoes for back pain? Part 2: Flip flops and your back – […]

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