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Back pain can make everyday life challenging. However, some people avoid going to a doctor because they don’t want to have spine or back surgery. But don’t worry, chances are, you won’t need surgery! That’s right, about 85% of our patients don’t requrie surgery to treat their neck or back pain. Depending on the cause, […]

Pain Medications for Neck and Back Pain

September 4th, 2020 by Lauren

Has your doctor recommended pain medications for your neck or back pain?  What are pain killers? How do these medications work? And what are the risks associated with them? Pain Medications for Spine Problems When treating spine conditions, doctors may use pain killers to help with the pain. But what exactly are pain killers? There […]

Walking on all four’s

February 20th, 2017 by Andrea

Although man stands on two legs, his skeleton was originally designed to stand on all four. The result is some ingenious adaptions, not all of them successful. Scientists suggest that when humans started walking upright, a terrific mechanical imbalance resulted. When walking on two legs, backaches became common since the spine was ‘deformed’ when humans […]

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