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[Video] Disc Herniation in the Neck with Dr. Herzog

Disc Herniations in the Neck with Dr. Herzog
Video Transcript Below


Patients who have disc herniations in the neck can present with acute severe neck pain. They may also present with more chronic pain. Disc herniations occur where the disc ages, and small fragments on the disc can protrude outward, and, if they’re compressing the nerves that go to your arm you may experience severe arm pain. Occasionally very large disc herniations can actually compress the spinal cord and cause much more dramatic symptoms.

What are the symptoms?

Patients with cervical disc herniations can present with acute severe neck pain and/or radiating shoulder and arm pain. Most of the time patients have resolution of the symptoms within 6-12 weeks. Occasionally people have persistent symptoms, and it could require additional treatment such as physical therapy, anti-inflammatories, and exercise.

What about surgery?

Patients who have progressive weakness, have spinal cord compression, or problems with their balance, urinary, or bowel dysfunction, often need surgery. Surgery for a herniated cervical disc is rare to need, but can make a dramatic difference in the patient’s life. Patients who have severe radiating neck or arm pain, can be relieved by operations that decompress the spinal cord or the nerves to the neck and arms.

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