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Non-Surgical Treatment Options (Most Treatments Don’t Require Surgery!)

If you suffer from pain from your back or neck, surgery can be a scary option. But it’s not always needed, or recommended. In fact, 85% of Saratoga Spine patients don’t require surgery. There are many forms of non-surgical treatment options for individuals who aren’t candidates for surgery.

most treatements don't require surgery

Non-Surgical Treatment Options

Anti-Inflammatory Medication

Anti-inflammatory medicine can provide quick relief for some people struggling with neck or back pain. Reducing inflammation can help reduce pressure on sensitive nerves within the spine. Common anti-inflammatory medications include ibuprofin and naproxen, although you may know them as Advil, Aleve or Motrin. (Read more about non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, otherwise known as NSAIDs.)

Physical Therapy

There are many forms of physical therapy. Oftentimes, when people think of physical therapy, they think of physical exercises and stretches, performed under the guidance of a trained therapist. This form of physical therapy can help by stretching the muscles, ligaments and other soft tissues. It also helps improve range of motion. While with a physical therapist, you can also learn how to avoid habits or posture which contribute to your pain.

Hot / Cold Therapy

The type of physical therapy we just discussed is active physical therapy. However, there are also forms of passive physical therapy. Hot and/or cold therapy is a form of passive physical therapy. With this therapy you use ultrasound heat, heating pads, or ice packs to help treat the affected area. The heat and/or cold can oftentimes provide immediate pain relief.


Exercise can help strengthen your body. Stronger muscles then help to better support your body, taking some of the weight off of your spine. Walking is a great form of exercise. Start walking each day. Only do what you can and try to work your way up to an hour a day.


Some patients find relief from massage. In particular, patients who suffer from neck related symptoms such as cervicogenic headaches and chronic neck pain may find relief from massage therapy.

There are many non-surgical treatment options for neck or back pain. Using one or a combination of the above methods can often help minimize or eliminate pain from your spine. If you’re having trouble finding relief, give us a call. The doctors at Saratoga Spine are available to help you develop a treatment plan.

*Please Note: Information on this site or any recommended sites should not be used as a diagnosis or a substitute for talking with your doctor. Always talk with your doctor about diagnosis and treatment information.
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