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Life is possible after surgery

The idea of having surgery can be frightening for anyone, no matter what age. Some individuals assume that they will be unable to participate in many activities post surgery. However, dozens of famous athletes have proven this statement wrong and have thrived following the conclusion of their back/neck related surgeries.

For instance, in more recent years, Tony Romo, a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys suffered a herniated disc in the lower back that resulted in a pinched nerve, causing great leg pain. He underwent surgery to correct the issue in December of 2013. Romo had a minimally invasive procedure during which a small portion of bone and all or part of the herniated disc were removed to relieve pressure on the nerve root. His surgery has proved to be quite successful, as he has played in multiple practices and games following his procedure.

An additional example is Ahmad Bradshaw, a running back for the Indianapolis Colts who had pain from a bulging disc in his neck. This injury forced him to sit out after playing only 3 games in the 2013-2014 season. To combat this intensive problem, Bradshaw underwent a procedure to remove the bulging disc and fuse the two vertebrae together. Following his surgery and rehabilitation, he was able to rejoin the Colts.

Peyton Manning and Mike Alstott both underwent the same surgery and returned to playing football after recovery.

Just as any surgery is physically demanding, it stimulates a great mental challenge as well. The success stories of multiple renowned athletes whose success depended on their physical capability, should promote a sense of optimism.

If you live an active lifestyle or play a sport and are in need of a spine procedure like a discectomy, decompression for stenosis, or a fusion, it is likely you will be able to return to your activity after completing the rehabilitation process.


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