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10 Things We Would Never Do as Spine Surgeons

We see patients with all the various spine injuries that result from the different kinds of activities people engage in today. This gives us a pretty good perspective on what activities put you at particular risk. Being aware of the importance of spine health and safety, we’d like to share with you which activities we would steer clear of:

  1. Heavy Weightlifting with Improper Form: Lifting extremely heavy weights, especially without proper form, can put excessive strain on the spine, leading to potential injuries such as herniated discs or spinal fractures.
  2. Participating in High-Impact Sports without Protective Gear: Engaging in high-impact sports like rugby or American football without proper protective gear can lead to severe spinal injuries due to the risk of hard falls or collisions.
  3. Performing High-Risk Acrobatics or Stunts: Activities that involve high-risk acrobatics or stunts, like certain types of gymnastics or circus acts, pose a significant risk of falls or awkward landings that could injure the spine.
  4. Extreme Bending or Twisting Movements: Activities that require extreme bending or twisting of the spine, such as certain yoga poses or dance moves, can lead to overextension or strain on the spinal structures.
  5. Diving into a Lake Without Being Able to See the Bottom: Diving headfirst into a lake without clear visibility of the bottom is extremely risky. There’s a potential for hitting unseen underwater objects or misjudging the depth, which can lead to severe spinal injuries, including cervical spine fractures or spinal cord damage.
  6. Riding Roller Coasters with Violent Movements: High-speed roller coasters with sudden twists, turns, and drops can cause rapid, jarring movements of the spine, increasing the risk of neck and back injuries.
  7. Long Periods of Inactivity or Poor Posture: Remaining sedentary for extended periods or maintaining poor posture, especially in an unsupportive chair or while using electronic devices, can lead to chronic back pain and degenerative spine conditions.
  8. Participating in Extreme Contact Martial Arts: Engaging in extreme contact martial arts without proper training and protective gear can lead to severe spinal injuries from forceful impacts, falls, or blows to the back.
  9. Skydiving or High-Impact Parachuting: The sudden jolt from the parachute opening during skydiving, as well as the risk of hard landings, can cause significant stress and potential injury to the spine.
  10. Riding a Motorcycle Without Proper Safety Gear: Riding a motorcycle, especially without wearing proper safety gear like a reinforced jacket and a high-quality helmet, poses a high risk of spinal injuries in case of accidents or falls. The lack of external protection compared to a car means any impact can directly affect the rider’s body, potentially causing serious damage to the spine.
*Please Note: Information on this site or any recommended sites should not be used as a diagnosis or a substitute for talking with your doctor. Always talk with your doctor about diagnosis and treatment information.
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